U.S. Grand Master Fiddle Champion, Daniel has competed in virtually every major fiddle competition in the United States. He has been crowned the Tennessee Valley Old-Time Fiddlers Convention "Fiddle King" an amazing 7 times. Other conquests include Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee State Championships as well as Lake Superior, North Cascades, Colorado Open, Grand Lake National, and The World Series of Fiddling Championships. Daniel can often be found in the judge's seat, recently judging the Indiana State, Colorado Rocky Mountain Fiddle Championships, Oregon State, Wyoming State, Northwest Regional, U.S. Grand Master Fiddle Contest and the National Old-Time Fiddler's Contest in Weiser, Idaho.


Amy Gilliam Carwile began learning the violin at the age of eight, playing traditional old-time fiddle music alongside her three siblings. Recognizing her budding talent, her family trekked to competitions across the country on weekends and during the summers in support of her growing passion for fiddle music. Those formative years laid the foundation for a rich musical career that would eventually marry her to fiddle music for life.


"I have great admiration not only for Daniel's unsurpassed talents on his instrument but also for his ability to share that knowledge with others. I witnessed first hand his instructional skills and was impressed by the fact that he is equally at home teaching beginners or advanced students, young people or those advanced in years! He is humble, kind, generous and funny to boot. There's nobody else like him - though I'm sure he will inspire many to try!"
April Verch
Canadian Fiddling Sensation & Rounder Recording Artist

"Amy, thank you for being such a positive influence in our daughter's life. You are a great teacher and role model. She really enjoyed her time with you."
Kim Johnson
Mother of Student, Lewiston, ID

“Daniel Carwile is one of those rare musicians who has it all: impeccable technique, a distinctive and original voice, stylistic mastery & versatility, genuine expression, and a teacher's heart that generously shares its knowledge with others. It is always a pleasure to listen, learn, and jam with him.”
Dr. David Wallace
Faculty, The Juilliard School