Carwile String Studio Students

Through the study of music, students not only experience the joy of expressing themselves musically but develop essential life skills such as patience, concentration, the ability to identify and work through challenges, self discipline, and perseverance.  Music becomes a channel for instilling self confidence, learning leadership skills, and combating and conquering fears.

During the first few years of learning the violin, many critical habits are formed that either limit or expand a student’s potential.  Carwile String Studio places great importance on developing a solid foundation from the beginning so students are able to progress without limitations.

We offer a carefully sequenced curriculum that encompasses a variety of styles including  Classical, Celtic, Old-Time, Bluegrass, Contest-Style, and Jazz.

Lessons are taught individually and consist of a weekly session.  Each lesson is tailored to the individual student’s needs, age, and experience without compromising high standards of quality and excellence.

We prepare students annually for various auditions including SCAPA, Kentucky All-State Orchestra, CKYO, KMEA District 7 Honors Orchestra, Foster Music Camp, the Governor’s School for the Arts, college scholarships, and solo competitions.