Words cannot express my gratefulness for the passion and energy Daniel and Amy bring to my son’s violin lessons. They are both natural teachers with a real gift for sharing and provide a professional, yet warm and personable environment for learning. My son is challenged and engaged in each lesson and provided concise and clear directions for home practices. My only regret is that I didn’t discover the Carwiles sooner!
— Adam Taylor | Father of Student

Daniel Carwile is one of those rare musicians who has it all: impeccable technique, a distinctive and original voice, stylistic mastery & versatility, genuine expression, and a teacher’s heart that generously shares its knowledge with others. It is always a pleasure to listen, learn, and jam with him.
— Dr. David Wallace | Faculty, The Juilliard School
Until I started lessons with Carwile String Studio, I never realized learning an instrument could be so rewarding and fulfilling—not to mention, FUN!! Daniel and Amy’s patience, expertise, and enthusiasm made each lesson such a joy and kept me motivated. They have been such an inspiration, and I am thankful for this wonderful gift of music that has been shared with me.
— Sandra Lewis | Student

I truly appreciate Amy’s methodical and effective approach to teaching violin. Each lesson she breaks down skills into manageable steps and conveys elaborate concepts in such a simple way. She also has this uncanny ability to anticipate problems and then provide solutions and loads of encouragement. My daughter has gained so much knowledge in just a few short months. It is so rewarding to hear her proudly playing her pieces for anyone who will listen! Music has become such an important part of our day!
— Camille Nelson | Mother of Student

I started taking lessons at the local violin shop from Daniel Carwile. If you have not heard him, make sure you do. I learned more from him in a half dozen lessons than I did another teacher in a couple of semesters at the local tech/arts school.
— Mike Compton | Grammy Award Winner & IBMA Mandolinist of the Year
Amy, thank you for being such a positive influence in our daughter’s life. You are a great teacher and role model. She really enjoyed her time with you. You have a knack for making music relevant and I appreciate your organized and thorough approach to lessons.
— Kim Johnson | Mother of Student

I have great admiration not only for Daniel’s unsurpassed talents on his instrument but also for his ability to share that knowledge with others. I witnessed first hand his instructional skills and was impressed by the fact that he is equally at home teaching beginners or advanced students, young people or those advanced in years! He is humble, kind, generous and funny to boot. There’s nobody else like him - though I’m sure he will inspire many to try!
— April Verch | Canadian Fiddling Sensation & Rounder Recording Artist

Daniel and Amy Carwile are two of the most accomplished musicians I have run across in a long time. They can cover a lot of styles with equal ease and expertise. Whether you need high energy performance, super workshops or one on one teaching, you can’t go wrong with them. We plan to have them back as soon as possible!
— Don Rigsby | Director - Kentucky Center For Traditional Music
Daniel’s pedagogical expertise is second to none. He has respect for tradition along with a gift for stimulating creativity, a combination that is crucial to the learning process. His inspirational playing and teaching has reached hundreds, including myself. He is truly one the great musicians around today.
— Cassidy Koonce | Former Student & Kentucky State Fiddle Champion

Daniel and Amy brought their magic to the stage for 3 sold out shows in Kirkland. Their artistry covers a range of moods from soulful airs to sizzling reels. They absolutely owned the audience while they were on stage. Their talent is a wonderful fusion of musical feeling and precision and they bring an energy out through their music that is infectious. ...they are professional, great performers and great people. Furthermore, when their names went on the bill, the tickets sales went through the roof.
— Greg MacDonald | Pipe Major, Keith Highlanders Pipe Band Seattle, WA

I had the great pleasure of meeting Daniel Carwile while teaching at Mark O’Connor’s Fiddle Camp in Nashville. Daniel’s an amazingly fluid player who makes fiddle playing seem effortless. I was really taken by his playing but also impressed by his teaching skills, he’s a kind and patient teacher.
— Angella Ahn | Virtuoso Violinist - Ahn Trio
Daniel, your professionalism, mixed with your quips of music nostalgia, your quick-witted humor and your ‘tangents’ of conversation...all somehow related to the lesson...made us laugh, smile and think. Your analogies and humbleness about life are precious...a rare find these days! Never lose those qualities - you are a fantastic teacher!
— Barbara Ferrer | Mother of Student
Amy and Daniel Carwile are masters of their art. Pulsating, heart stopping reels and jigs, their music defies an audience to remain seated. Simply exhilarating!
— Alex McKinven | Funding Co-ordinator Mull of Kintyre Music Festival Campbeltown, Scotland

Daniel stands out of the crowd with his own style and presentation. Many fiddle players copy others, but Daniel has created a style and drives on for perfection. He is a leader in his field and you will enjoy his fresh approach.
— Buddy Spicher | Legendary Nashville Session Fiddler

Thanks for a terrific class. I learned more in a week than I have in two years! What a bargain! You’re a gifted teacher. I appreciate the handouts and transcriptions, very helpful.
— Lesli | Student
I’ve had the pleasure of playing with Daniel on several occasions. I love his playing—it’s elegant and sophisticated, lyrical and interesting. He is very musical and well worth hearing. Don’t miss it!
— Russ Barenberg | Virtuoso Guitarist

Thank you for a week of outstanding instruction. Being somewhat of a novice to fiddle music, I was definitely outside of my comfort zone. I would have never tried those intervals and double stops on my own! The week was a huge step forward in my fiddle journey, and I thank you. I look forward to playing every day. I would also like to commend you for your style of teaching. It’s not easy to meet the needs of such a large class with varied abilities. Thank you for everything – the lessons, the sheet music, your jokes, pearls of wisdom, and the jams. I hope to hear you play again some day.
— Kathy | Student

Loni really enjoyed her classes with you last week. You don’t realize the impact you had on her. You helped her to understand some things she has been struggling with. We feel blessed that our lives were touched by you in the world of music. Please keep us informed of any workshops or any performances that you might have in this area. And if you ever come to Florida, give us a call, please!
— June | Student